Door Hangers

Door Hangers

These don’t have to be limited just to Valentine’s Day, you could make them for any occasions: birthdays, Christmas, or just to say Hi. Hang one on the door to your kids room or on your neighbors front door for an unexpected surprise. If you add a pocket to the back you can slip a gift card inside or a note.

All you need is a CD, some paper, embellishments, adhesive, ribbon and a sanding sponge.

  1. Glue your paper to one side of the CD and trim around the edges.
  2. Cut a piece of ribbon about 10-12 inches in length and tape both ends onto the backside of the CD so you have a loop to hang it with. The ends will soon be covered by more paper.

3. Glue paper to the other side of the CD and trim those edges off. If you are going to add a pocket to the backside of the CD, do it now.

4. Using a sanding sponge (available at any hardware store), sand all the edges until smooth.

5. Now have fun embellishing your door hanger!