Glass pebble/ tile magnet Tutorial

This tutorial is how to make homemade glass pebble (or glass tile) magnets. Basically any shape or size of glass pebble or shape will work as long as there is one flat side to it.


What you need:

– glass pebbles or tiles

– Claudine Hellmuth Studio Multi Medium in Gloss (mod podge or silicon clear rubber sealer will also work)

– foam brush

– small magnets

– craft knife

– tiny photos or patterned paper


1. Find (or print) some photos that are the right size for your tiles and pebbles


2. Brush on a coat of the medium to cover the entire flat side of the tile.


3. Immeadiately stick the tile to the photo


4. Smooth the backside of the photo out using a craft spatula. Make sure you get all the air bubbles out.


5. If using small pebbles, cut some small squares of patterned paper or small photos if you have some printed that tiny.


6. Using the same process as above, stick the pebble to the photo or paper. You will most likely not need to smooth out the back of the photo in these ones.


7. Let them dry for as long as you can, (overnight is best), then trim the excess paper off from the edges. Finish off with a craft knife


8. Use a sanding sponge to smooth off all the edges.


9. Put a blob of medium (or you can use a hot glue gun) on the back of the tile and push a magnet into it.


10. for the smaller pebbles, trim the paper off the edges and sand if you wish


11. Use a smaller amount of medium (or glue) and stick the magnet to the back of the pebble