Holiday Card Holder Tutorial

Holiday Card Holder – Felt Wall Hanging

Another fun project, especially if you like felt and have a lot of it, like I do.

All you need to do is gather some felt, a few embellishment such as buttons, and a needle and some embroidery thread (and a sewing machine if you have one).

Step 1: Choose what color you’d like your background to be and cut a piece measuring 9 inches wide by 37 inches long.

Step 2: cut 4 pockets, each measuring 9 inches wide and 5.5 inches long.

Step 3: now cut pieces to decorate your pockets: stars, snowflakes, trees, snowmen, etc. Lay everything out and then use fabric glue to glue the pieces into place.

Step 4: Either using a sewing machine or hand sewing (or combination of both like I did), sew the embellishment pieces onto the pockets.

Step 5: Lay the finished pockets on the background strip and pin them into place. (I left a gap of about 4 inches between each pocket)

Step 6: Machine sew the pockets onto the background. Then fold over the very top of the background piece (about 1.5 inches) and sew it together so you leave a loop large enough to slide a stick through.

Step 7: Slide a stick through and attach either ribbon or raffia to either edge of the stick.