Minibooks are NOT Puppy-proof!


I made this mini last winter.We found this adorable guy during a blizzard and housed him for 3 days, until we found his owner. Honestly, we were very sad to give him back, we’d fallen in love with this little fur ball, who we dubbed Buddy.





A few weeks ago my new puppy got ahold of it and completely destroyed it. It was not salvageable at all. Funny thing is I store all my minis in a big basket on the coffee table & THIS is the only one he quietly snuck out one morning while I was asleep just a  few feet away on the couch. Here’s the little devil who destroyed my book. Can’t stay mad at that face for long.



Guess he was jealous of this cutie and the fact he didn’t have his own mini yet, eh? Lesson learned: keep the minibooks out of his reach!

How do you store your mini books? I need a better solution than a basket on the coffee table (the baskets are now on the kitchen table) I still want people to be able to look through them, but not for my monster to eat them!

I created this mini with a HUNK PUNKY MINI from PUNKY SPROUTS & the WINTER FUN paper line from CARTA BELLA and LINDY’S STAMP GANG mist.

You can see the rest of the book over here… PuNkY SpRoUtS bLoG. just glad I took pictures of it before it was eaten! : /

Kimmy Jaster