Publication Call – looking for mini album designers

Before I get to the details for submissions for the new book, I just have a few quick things.

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Ok, now onto the Publication Call:

I’m looking for several more designers to contribute unique mini albums for my newest book “More Outstanding Mini Albums” (Memory Makers Book).

Some suggested themes include: (but not limited to)

– Brothers

– Careers

– Changes

– Things I Know Now

– My Hometown

– Best Advice

– Fall (pumpkin shape)

– Anniversary

– Outside my Window

– Surprise!

– Lessons Learned

– Any real different/unique themes

Types of mini albums needed:

– Pumpkin shape (not a pre-made album. This one needs to be created from scratch by your own template & template needed to be included)

– Luggage tag album

– Paint Chips

– Canvas banner by Maya Road

– Mini Clipboard Album

– Mini Edgy album by Bo Bunny

– Apple shape album by October Afternoon

– Scalloped tab plain and simple like the one Doodlebug has

– Regal Glimmer Glass album by Tattered Angels

– Canvas tag album

– Puzzle Pieces

– Files and/or other random office supplies

If you would like to submit something and already have one completed that fits the above criteria, please email me (see instructions below). If you would like to submit something but don’t have anything completed yet that fits the above, please either leave a comment on my blog with a link to your blog or gallery (where I can view your work) or email me.

Instructions for submitting:

– please send me a photo of the cover of the mini book as well as photos of the inside pages

– Please include your contact information: name, email, and address

– Submissions must be new. They must be never before seen, never published and never before posted in an online gallery.

If you are one of the chosen designers, you will be notified by email by September 1, 2011. The payment for the publication of your work is a copy of the book.