Take Out Gift Boxes – lots of techniques!

Take Out Gift Boxes – 4 varieties

These are lots of fun to make and relatively easy, some are a bit more time consuming than others due to the drying time of the paint. 3 of them are using techniques that Claudine Hellmuth taught us at Ranger U with her new line of paints! I really love her new products and I’ve been having a blast playing around with them again.

To start, you’ll need to round up some chinese food take out boxes (lots of art stores and craft stores carry these), and take all the handles out of them.

You’re going to need various paints, the Claudine Hellmuth Studio Gesso, and the Claudine Studio multi medium matte, and some brushes. (I have to say that the Claudine’s line of art brushes are fantastic! I have had so much trouble finding good quality brushes in the past – unless they are super expensive. But Claudine’s are really good quality and really affordable! Awesome!!)

Box 1: Painting

For this box, we are just going to paint the entire thing and add embellishments. You’ll need to start by painting the entire box with gesso. I used 2 coats of gesso trying to cover the design on the box.

Next, choose your paint color and paint the box 2 coats. Put aside and let dry.

Box #2: Piece by Piece

For this box you will need the multi medium (matte) and bits of various patterned paper pieces, book pages, etc.

I used a few pieces of some left over Christmas paper, book pages, a starbucks Christmas bag and some tissue paper from Starbucks.

Step 1: Start by brushing the medium over one of the sides of the box. Be generous with the medium

Step 2: Cut or tear pieces of paper and apply one at a time. After you stick a piece down, cover the entire thing with a coat of medium. Repeat this process until the entire box is covered. Set aside to dry.

to finish the box off, I attached a wide piece of ribbon around the box, and added a little stuffed felt Christmas tree.

Box 3: Masking Tape Texture

This technique was taught by Claudine Hellmuth at Ranger U – its so easy to do and looks so cool! Thanks Claudine!

Step 1: Layer pieces of masking tape all over the box until it’s covered.

Step 2: Place a dab of paint onto your non stick craft sheet and spritz a couple sprays of water onto it with a mini mister. Mix the paint with the water.

Step 3: Paint the box with the watery paint mixture until you get your desired look. I went over it a couple times before I achieved the look I wanted.

Box #4: Peeling Paper

Another great technique from Claudine!

Step 1: Glue some book paper, (or newsprint or dictionary paper) to the box using the multi-medium, try to cover as much of it as you can.

Step 2: Allow to dry only for about a minute. Stick some pieces of masking tape overtop of the paper, burnish, then peel off right away. Do this randomly all over the box.

Step 3: Place a dab of paint onto your craft sheet and spritz with a couple sprays of water from the mini mister. Paint the watery paint over the paper on the box. Dab off some of it with a paper towel.

After I put the first coat of green paint on and let it dry, I put another thin coat of brown paint and dabbed most of it off, just leaving enough to give it an aged look.